“HEP residents really enjoyed Joe Maddon’s Thanksmas celebration during the holidays. The delicious meal – Italian spaghetti and Polish pierogi, as well as the warm scarves, were greatly appreciated by the nearly 300 men, women, and children who attended lunch that day. Even more heartwarming was the time that Mr. Maddon spent with all the residents who wanted to meet and have a picture taken with him. We really appreciate his support and look forward to celebrating the holidays again with him next year.” - Judy Mitchell, HEP Board Member

“We are so grateful to Joe and the rest of the Thanksmas team. They not only served a delicious meal, but took the time to meet and connect with each of our residents. This event, especially for the children, brought joy and a welcome break from the challenges our residents face on a daily basis.” - Terrance McAbee, HEP President & CEO

 “Seeing Coach Maddon’s genuine interaction with my children was heartwarming. He and his team are kind and generous people, and I am grateful to have them rooting for us to get back on our feet. The event brought more than a great meal – it brought a sense of belonging and hope.” - Lauren K., HEP Resident

"[Thanksmas] is something special at a time of your life when you don't have a lot of special." - Lynn, Tampa Salvation Army resident

“Of course we appreciate people who give monetarily, but the most precocious gift is when you give up your time and you get on the front lines and give your time and talent, and that's what he's doing. He's getting his hands dirty in order to help” - Major James Hall, Tampa Salvation Army

"Joe not only brought delicious food to feed the homeless, he came with a delightful and dedicated staff to serve a blessed and bountiful meal. Everyone who was at the shelter on that memorable day will never forget his kindness and generosity." - Lt. Col. Tom Jones, Clearwater Salvation Army

"I think it really means a lot to the folks who come here. Really gives them a sense that they are appreciated, that they are cared for. That people do think about them when sometimes they do feel like they are forgotten, to have someone like Joe, with Joe's background, and obviously, celebrity status. To come and really care about them on a deeper level really means a lot to them." - Christine Smith, Bradenton Salvation Army's director of community relations and development

"To be honest with you I got a lot of respect for Joe and the things he do. I think he got a love for people, he love people. He love helping people and the things he do inspire me to help others." - Michael Horsley, recipient, St. Petersburg Salvation Army 

"This means a lot because we’re going to integrate a lot of cultures, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Italian, you name it, in Hazleton. I’m very happy about this project." - Olga Lantigua, Salvation Army volunteer, Hazleton, Pa. 

"He's (Joe Maddon) unbelievable. He's the type of guy, I met him and it was like I knew
him all my life." - Bill Beecher, Manatee Salvation Army

 "The Thanksmas dinner was a huge help and lots of fun. Joe Maddon personally talked with as many diners as possible. I watched him visit with a two-year-old boy by playing and gave
him a toy baseball - it was precious!" - Kris Volpone, Volunteer Specialist, Salvation Army, Lee County

"These children will never forget this.  Frankly, neither will I. It's refreshing to know that the Christmas spirit is still alive and well." - Captain Tim Gilliam, Area Commander, St. Petersburg Salvation Army